Zas! In your face

15 08 2009


This poor neighbour, who has got up sleepy, with a hangover, takes a look out the window to see how is the weather and… zas! he finds himself with this cactus on his face. Poor man! Now his face is just like the face of Heidi’s grandfather.

Who do we call now to help him take out all the spines?


La vie en Rosato

28 07 2009

We don’t know how much have been paid to the owner for doing such a thing to the poor dog, but it shouldn’t be enough to pay the bail for such a crime.

The she’ll say that she loves the dog like a son. Love can kill!


Picture by Enrique Tapia


7 07 2009

The other day we watched the Gay Pride Parade in Madrid, and we found the Pink Panther’s paradise: pink dresses, pink trousers, pink feathers and, the most important, pint beer.


We also saw how the economic crisis has afected Google, so much so that the passengers on its ride were wearing last year T-shirts.


And more Obama

13 02 2009

Some days ago, we found Obama at several places, now, we’ve found him visiting Madrid (Spain)…


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Obama fever

1 02 2009

Obama’s  victory has made people go crazy and start putting his name to the strangest things.

Here are some of the things we have found:

The volcano at Antigua and Bermuda, which before was called Boggy Peak, is now called “Mount Obama”.


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The traffic lights of Pisa

28 01 2009

Everyone knows the the Tower of Pisa is inclined, just as many other buildings of this famous Italian town because of the ground inestability, getting to the point that even pedestrians walk inclined so as to not be out of place.


The only problem is that this picture wasn’t taken at Pisa, but at Madrid. Could it be that Madrid is sinking too? Could the underground be at fault?

Catching crickets

20 01 2009

Although it doesn’t seem to make sense to put a streetlamp in the middle of nowhere, it is quite practical to catch crickets, or to seek snail while in season, or to keep you from stepping on a dog mess